Wish I Weren’t Here
1 September 2019

WISH I WEREN’T HERE / aludibond prints with custom attachments / 70x100cm / A series of five photographic montages portraying the desire to be somewhere else. Unreal depictions of distant places are superimposed by mundane, everyday objects that make us wish we were far away. Cold office lights, a single toothbrush, vitamin D pills, soap, parking street sign, a drab corridor light switch and coat hangers clash with paradisiacal landscapes reminiscent of stock photography. When we daydream, we daydream of stock images. Imaginary landscapes are static, simplified, artificial, smooth. If we successfully escape, our imaginary landscapes are confronted with real ones – complex, unpredictable, intense – and we might find ourselves missing the comforts of the familiar mundane. The perfect location is never the one we are currently inhabiting.